Infinite Good 雋品

GOD 當中有跨時間的意味,DOUBLE O 亦代表無限,

Infinite good『雋品』是在2020的世紀疫症中創立的。



不信任、疾病、仇恨、民族以至語言,或者會成為我們的阻隔,但Infinite Good讓我在日常生活中的體驗卻是共通的,願所有具欣賞能力的人都因我們的產品都有了共同點。

Infinite good, co-founded in 2020, in the year of coronavirus disease pandemic.

GOD is GOOD. ALL the time.


For “GOD”, there is a meaning of time across. “Double O” means ”Infinity”, as the Chinese name.


Just because this kind of good, are able to across time and space. The company wish the user to have refreshment, find encouragement in changing times.

Hope creative designs can be supportive, as a cup of water which can be a blessings to others.


Perhaps distrust, disease, hatred, races or even languages could be a barrier in our lives, yet, we hope infinite good can be a connection with us.